It includes a large variety of Ball valves (Flange End + Screwed End + Socket weld), Flush bottom Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Y Type strainer and Sight glasses in varied Material of Construction like A105/WCB/CF8/ CF8M/CF3/CF3M at different pressure & Temperature rating.

a.APPEX Flow Control

Investment Casting Ball Valves

     Y Type Strainer


Water Type Check Valve


Flush Bottom & Tank Bottom Valve

Swing Type Chech Valve(NRV)

     Globe Valve Flange End


Non Slam Chech Valve (NRV)


Lift Up Type Check Valve(NRV)

Sureseal Butter Fly Valve

Gate Valve Flange End

Sight Glasses



Lever Operated

Gear Operated

Pneumatic Operated


b. Globe Valve

c. Gate Valve

d. Y Type Strainers

i. Lift Up Type Check Valve
   (For Horizontal Application)

ii. Swing Type Check Valve
   (For Vertical Application)

iii. Disc Type

iv. Wafer Type